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Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone

Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone
Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone
Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone
Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone
Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone
Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone

Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone

Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler - 126 Bottles - Multizone. In this wine fridge from Danish Cavecool, you can store up to 126 bottles in a multi-zone.

Danish design and quality at sharp prices. Cavecool produces a number of the market's absolute best wine refrigerators in their price range. The wine refrigerators are developed and designed in Denmark, and they are delivered with a number of technological solutions and smart features that are normally only seen with much more expensive brands. This brand-new model has a multizone function and a glass door with UV-protection and stores up to 126 Bordeaux type bottles. A wine cooler with a multizone function means that you get more temperatures to choose between. Practically speaking, you install one temperature in the top of the wine cooler (the warmest) and another temperature in the bottom of the wine cooler (the coldest).

These temperatures will then meet in the middle of the wine cooler where you will have an average temperature of the two chosen temperatures. In other words, if you choose 18 degrees Celsius in the top and 6 degrees Celsius in the bottom, you will have a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius in the middle of the wine cooler.

It makes sense with a multizone wine cooler if you have a lot of different types of wine that should be enjoyed at different temperatures. For instance, you can differentiate between light white wines like Vinho Verde that should be enjoyed at 5-7 degrees Celsius, while more full-bodied and oaky Chardonnays do better when being served at 10-12 degrees Celsius. The same applies for sparkling wines where champagne typically can be served at a few degrees higher than cava for instance. Correspondingly, it will make sense in a wine cooler with multizone function to store the heavier red wines like Amarone and Barolo at 16 degrees Celsius, while Pinot noir from Burgundy easily can be stored at 12-14 degrees Celsius and thereby be served slightly chilled.

It is also possible to store wine for long-term storing in a wine cooler with multizone function but please note that only a limited part of the wine cooler will hold the optimal storing temperature (10-14 degrees Celsius). If you need a wine cooler solely for long-term storing, we recommend a wine cooler with only one cooling zone. Your bottles are placed on 15 retractable (80%) beech wood shelves, illuminated by a beautiful white light. Its compact size makes this model especially suitable to be built in, for example next to a refrigerator or a kitchen cabinet but it can of course also be placed freely in the kitchen or living room.

Danish Cavecool is 3 times coolness. Temperature range: 8-22°C in the upper half and 5-22°C in the lower half.

The upper range can't be set to a lower temperature than the lower range and the lower range can't be set to a higher temperature than the upper range. We recommend that there is a maximum of 10 °C difference from top to bottom.

An example would be the lower half is at 6 °C and the upper half is at 16 °C. Developed and designed in Denmark. 15 retractable (80%) beech wood shelves. Can store up to 126 Bordeaux-type bottles. Black glass door with UV-protection.

Dimmable interior light (white) with 3 degrees of brightness. LED strip on the inside of the door in 1 colour (white) with 3 degrees of brightness. Wine refrigerators from Cavecool exude Nordic coolness, and are packed with details and functions that you can otherwise only find with much more expensive brands. This unique combination means that Cavecool wine refrigerators are among the best on the market in their price range. REMEMBER: All wine cabinets must be perfectly level on all joints and edges.

It is important that you connect your wine refrigerator to a socket with an earth connection. Of bottles (Bordeaux, all shelves mounted). Energy consumption per year (kWh). Multi zone: Top zone warm, lower zone cold. Alarm at excessive temperature fluctuations.

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Cavecool Prestige Emerald Wine Cooler 126 Bottles Multizone